Product design from concept to completion, designs all start with Strata 3D software. Designs are later imported and refined in Solidworks — working with the mechanical and audio engineers at Williams Sound to make form and function work in harmony.
TX75 Infrared transmitter. The sleek and stylish WIR TX75 transmitter is designed to maximize coverage area up to 12,000 square feet in single-channel mode when using the WIR RX22-4 receiver. Available in C (2.3/2.8 MHz) and D (3.3/3.8 MHz) models. Two WIR TX75 S slave emitters can be added for additional coverage of up to 12,000 square feet each (36,000 square feet total), when mounted up to 100 feet from the master. A single CAT5 cable carries both power and signal to the slaves. Mounting bracket and power supply are included. (Description by manufacturer.)
About the design. Williams Sound was looking for a stylish infrared audio transmitter to bring to market that looked as good as it performed, blend into corporate rooms or mimic other shapes and designs such as wall sconces. I helped design the look and feel of this product using Strata 3D and then working along side with the audio and mechanical engineers to make sure form, fit and functionality surpassed each mark. The face plate is also designed to be removed or repainted by the end user. Wall / ceiling / tripod mounting incorporated for multiple placement options.
Pocketalker personal amplifier. The Pocketalker® amplifies sounds closest to the listener while reducing background noise. Ideal for one-on-one conversation, small group and TV listening, or conversing in the car. (Description by manufacturer.)
About the design. The Pocketalker personal amplifier is a simple cost-effective device that has been around for 30 years with two previous models. Two of the biggest changes needed were the ergonomic look and feel of the product and incorporating an internal microphone with the option of an external microphone when needed. With Strata 3D, I designed this new model and worked with the Williams Sound mechanical and audio engineers to make the finished product come to market with a new modern look and feel.
Digi·Wave transceiver and receiver. The Digi·Wave transceiver transmits and receives. It features full-duplex capability and supports up to six simultaneous talkers. Slim, light- weight, and simple to set up and use. One- or two-way operation offers flexibility in an array of applications. With the push of a button, users can access two-way communication for immediate interaction or Q&A.
The receiver is for listen-only appli- cations. Simple to set up and use. Features automatic mode selection and shut-off. Large LCD screen displays channel, volume, battery level and RF signal strength. Receives up to six simultaneous talkers. Can be used with earphones, headphones, neckloop or built-in speaker. Add any quantity for larger groups.  (Description by manufacturer.)